1. Page Setup (6x9 page)

Top Margin:   .94”

Bottom Margin: .88”

Inside Margin:   .88

Outside Margin: .81”

First Page Chapter Header:   Omit

Even Page Header:   “LARRY KAHN,” 9 pt. Georgia, centered

Odd Page Header:   “KING OF PAINE,” 9 pt. Georgia, centered

Header Position:   .63” from edge

Footer:   None

Page Numbers:   Top outside, 9 pt. Georgia, omit 1st page each chapter

Default Tabs:   .2”


2. Chapter Titles

 Font:     24 pt. Georgia

Style:    All caps, don’t use “Chapter”

Position:   Title sits on line 2” from top of page, 1” between title and text

Alignment: Center


3. First Paragraph Each Chapter

 Main Body + Drop Cap (2 lines), flush left, first few words ALL CAPS


4. Main Body

Font: 10 pt. Georgia

Leading:   10/13.5 pt.

Alignment:   Justified

Paragraph: First line indent .2”

Point of View Shifts: line with * * * centered, new para flush left, first words ALL CAPS

Hyphenation:     Yes